2 Day

proficiency program in Human Centred Design

How do you do exploratory innovation on an everyday scale?

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2 Day

proficiency program in Human Centred Design

How do you do exploratory innovation on an everyday scale?



This intensive two day program will lead participants on an engaging deep dive into the practices of Design Thinking. At 10,000 Hours our approach to adult learning is focused on practical hands on learning. In small groups you will be assigned an experienced coach who will guide, lead and challenge you through an immersive human centred design challenge. The program is taught in a series of linearly progressive exercises: the output of each activity forms the input for the next. In this way participants get a full experience of working through a compressed Design Thinking sprint.



Scope and Scale: Can initiate activity at an individual scale.
Think: Has a sound understanding of HCD concepts and the personal behavioural challenges faced in applying them.
Say: Looks for opportunities to include HCD concepts and language in discussions and planning.
Do: Is able to structure tasks and activities using HCD principles and then execute on them.



Introduction to organisational innovation, why is it topical, what are the challenges?
Human responses to the demands of innovation: not everyone thinks it’s fun.
How to be productive in discomfort
Exploratory and exploitative thinking (includes normative quiz: where is your preference?)
Key features of Human Centred Design
Practical Design Thinking challenge
Challenge definition and challenge spaces
The “human” in human centred design: observation, ethnography and empathy work
The “black arts”: finding signals in noise, uncovering insights.
Idea generation
Rapid low resolution prototyping
Human centred testing for feedback and iteration
Pitching as an intrapreneur: how to engage senior audiences in your insights, ideas, and needs.


People interested in understanding and being able to apply principles of human centred design innovation.
No prior knowledge is required or assumed.
A current role (or previous experience) in a corporate or government working environment would be an advantage.