Commanding a big room takes practice and we have years of it.

Dozens, hundreds even thousands in an audience need an intelligent blend of control and surprise, challenge and delight. On these big occasions we are hired to bring content to the context so the event is warmly experienced and fondly remembered.


Lights down, curtains up, phones off, game on. Conference. Since 1999 we have been hired to use sixty minutes to engage hundreds of hearts and minds. Combining a well-honed distillation of our latest thinking with your themes and messages we are frequently the opening or closing keynote to stamp a provocative engaging note on your event. We are currently delivering keynote presentations on “Complex Adaptive Leadership – building the fitness of those in charge”; “Bricolage saves the world – human centred design in large enterprise”; “Leadership Development is broken”; “Complex adaptive selling – the piece that’s been missing for 100 years”.

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Marcus Crow

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Around 20 years ago, Marcus did his first hour of deliberate practice in his professional craft of executive education and group facilitation. All this time later, Marcus continues to thrive on the energy of a group in a room and has developed expertise on the development of expertise. Relentless student, energetic co-founder, and proud owner of more than a decade of entrepreneurial scar tissue.

Chris Maxwell


Chris’ first hour of deliberate practice was 20 years ago in a startup internet provider. Now here as co-founder, the intervening steps have wandered all over the corporate and academic landscape, but with one driving goal in mind: the unrelenting mastery of his craft. Insatiably curious about how people behave, work, and learn in groups, Chris is now working on a PhD around leadership in complex environments.