We are hired for our expertise with groups honed over thousands of workshop sessions all around the world. We are preferred by senior cohorts, demanding audiences, cynical types, smart cookies and tough crowds. We arrive well prepared yet ready for the uncertainty inherent in groups.


For a long time the unit of analysis in leadership development has been the individual. 360 degree feedback tools and executive coaching all done away from the action and in isolation has been the popular approach. We stand in a different place informed by the science of skill acquisition in domains of uncertainty and surprise. We work with a leadership team as a leadership team. We shift the unit of analysis from the individual to the group and help that team build its fitness for being with the hard conversation and knotty problems that confront all organisations right now.


The big personalities are in the one room and there is a day or two to get things agreed, aligned and moving forward. The senior cohorts in the chairs are seasoned, smart and weary of ineffectual facilitation. What’s called for is robust inclusive debate, humble curiosity and a wide canvas of considered provocative input. Our commercial roots, academic enquiry and decades of experience meld to provide an intelligent force guiding, yielding, and propelling a group toward an unhurried thoughtful outcome from which progress can be built.