Where do you want to develop expertise and mastery?


Foundations of Leadership

New leaders can often feel disoriented by the complexities of leading people. This part of our offering helps executives get to grips with how to get things with and through other people. Working on team dynamics, defining outcomes and shaping processes, participants develop a strong foundation on which they build their practice of leading in organisations.

Complex Adaptive Leadership

Leaders are in charge but not always in control. For decades we have been using a mechanical engineering metaphor for leading the complex dynamic ecology of groups of people. Most leadership development curricular teaches frameworks, tools, and models for prediction and control. In doing so it assumes stable equilibrium states and reliable knowable cause-and-effect relationships. This stance is blind to the inherent uncertainty that exists in social systems and ignores the need to help leaders acquire skill for the surprises that are inevitable in organisations

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for leaders blends the therapeutic helping traditions with the imperatives of management and what we know about skill acquisition for professional expertise. We teach leaders the practical judgement of knowing when and how much of a coaching enquiry to pursue and when to offer directed learning for a coachee. The intelligent blend of both schools of coaching will allow them to more thoroughly develop their team.


To be resilient is to be flexible; to have options. We start with how resilience is understood in evolutionary biology and what that teaches us in organisational life. It is not about being tough or thick-skinned. We teach resilience from the stance of having multiple perspectives, being adaptable and flexible and then being able to lead others to do same.


Foundations of Selling

We take a 100-year sweep of the entire field of professional selling and teach the essential skills to plan, organise and execute a compelling sales dialogue with a client. We include the latest thinking on outreach and business development to ensure your rookie sellers have the skills they need to hit quota.

Complex Adaptive Selling

The buyer is changing fast and this program ensures your sellers are ahead of that change. A more sophisticated program to teach what is needed to sell in complex and unknowable contexts. Seasoned sales professionals learn what is needed to stay current, curious and valuable in a world of increased automation of the sales process. This program is popular with seasoned sales cohorts who are asking “what’s next?


Foundations of Human Centered Design

To underwrite your organisation’s investment in innovation capability a comprehensive fluency with the methods are needed. From a few hours to a couple of days we teach small and large groups the essence of this style of innovation and make sense of it alongside the other schools of innovation and improvement like Six Sigma and Lean with which they may already be familiar.

Post-Design Thinking for the Enterprise

By now most organisations have some awareness of and exposure to human-centered design or design thinking. The novelty of the approach has collided with the repellent force of organisational status quo. Put simply most organisations and their innovation teams are stuck. We approach this on two fronts: (1) to build a tiered capability across the enterprise so that the organisation can teach the skills internally, and (2) teach the political and social dexterity needed to mobilise large social systems to change.


Foundations of presenting

Design and deliver sharp compelling presentations that command the attention of the audience and compel things to change. We blend what we know from teaching this for 20 years as well as practising the craft ourselves every week.

Organisational Story-telling

Long after the numbers have been forgotten the stories are remembered. We teach story design and story delivery to suit any context. participants work on specific instances and learn general principles they can reapply for any context in the future when they want the room to listen and remember.

Executive Presence

An advanced program designed to unearth the compelling orator in anyone. We work on the theatre of magnetic delivery, impeccable design, and imbuing the audience with a commitment to action and follow-through.

Presentation Coaching and Design

Working on specific contexts we shape the content and rehearse the delivery for your next front-of-room engagement. Investor road-shows, conference keynotes, gala dinner openings, all-hands town hall meetings. This is for high stakes cannot-fail settings where you need to perform well.

Influencing & Negotiation

Influencing Skills

For those professionals needing to engage with a wide and diverse cohort of stakeholders, this program teaches the skills of lateral leadership, coalition building, and crafting a narrative that gets things done when you cannot tell them what to do.

Negotiation Skills

Reaching an agreement and preserving and improving reputations is the dual goal of a negotiator. Participants will learn how to plan what is knowable and be ready for what is unknowable. Practical with plenty of practice, participants will leave with.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Frequently described as a vital skill in the workforce of the future, this program teaches executives how to think critically and intelligently.