What’s really going on for me and my colleagues at work?

SYDNEY • 13-14 December 2016

10000 Hours – Australia’s foremost firm in researching and developing complexity as it relates to leadership and group dynamics – offers a unique opportunity to experienced professionals. Join us for an intensive two-day workshop drawing on radical insights from the complexity sciences to build your leadership capability. During the workshop you will learn about ideas which turn conventional management thinking on its head, and encounter concepts which will lead you to think about your every day organisational life very differently.

The two day workshop is suitable for experienced professionals from all kinds of organisations. It includes a mixture of seminars, break-out discussions, and real time case-in-point exercises where you will have your understanding and capability stretched to the edge. Please note the quality of your experience in this program will depend on the extent to which you come prepared to participate. It won’t be two days where you can expect to just sit back and be taught. Please arrive with some stories about what’s going on for you and your organisation so that we can use that source material, data if you like, to think about in complex terms.

The two days will be hosted by 10,000 HOURS and led by Prof. Chris Mowles, Director of the internationally renowned Doctor of Management programme at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and author of Rethinking Management and Managing in Uncertainty. Chris will draw on insights from the complexity sciences developed by Prof. Ralph Stacey into a perspective called complex responsive processes of relating. Stacey was one of the pioneers of adapting insights from the complexity sciences to the discipline of management. Read more about Complex Responsive Processes on the blog here.

The session will be held at The Deckhouse, Woolwich (End of Clarke Road, Woolwich Dock). You will be part of an exclusive group of 10-12 professional peers. We will meet at Circular Quay at 8:45am for the short water taxi ride to the venue 10 minutes away and return to Circular Quay by 5:30pm on both days. This is a unique opportunity to experience a whole new way of practising your leadership craft.

Early Bird Registration: $2,250 (includes GST) (before November 25th)
Standard Registration: $2,750 (includes GST)