The 10,000 Hours Story


Welcome to 10,000 HOURS. We are a professional services firm that is all about skill acquisition for senior executives in organisations all over the world. 10,000 hours is how long it takes to achieve mastery at your craft, and our team spends their hours and days helping senior professionals to do exactly that.

We were once described as daring ideas in a safe pair of hands. We thought that captured the essence of how we work, so we trademarked the line. Everyone in our business is at or close to their own 10,000 hours of deliberate practice at the craft of group facilitation and executive education. These are the safe pairs of hands to whom you can entrust your team’s needs. We are professionals who bring a seasoned eye and pattern recognition. We haven’t seen it all, but we have seen a lot.

The daring ideas emerge from an insatiable curiosity for our craft. We are humble students of the world’s brightest minds and are courageous inventors ourselves. We draw from broad and rigorous influences to meld fresh ideas to generate new thinking and novel behaviour. Our ideas are regularly published in leading business press.

The 10,000 Hours Team

Ken Gutterson


Ken has clocked up ten thousand hours of professional practice more than once. After 18 years of management roles within the Royal Australian Air Force, he indulged his passion for business and successfully launched two professional services firms within the ACT. He is now the founder, chairman and managing director of Cordelta, a leading professional services firm that has been repeatedly identified as one of Australia’s best places to work. Ken is the current Chairman of 10,000 Hours.

Marcus Crow

MARCUS CROW Linkedin Icon

Around 20 years ago, Marcus did his first hour of deliberate practice in his professional craft of executive education and group facilitation. All this time later, Marcus continues to thrive on the energy of a group in a room and has developed expertise on the development of expertise. Relentless student, energetic co-founder, and proud owner of more than a decade of entrepreneurial scar tissue.

Chris Maxwell


Chris’ first hour of deliberate practice was 20 years ago in a startup internet provider. Now here as co-founder, the intervening steps have wandered all over the corporate and academic landscape, but with one driving goal in mind: the unrelenting mastery of his craft. Insatiably curious about how people behave, work, and learn in groups, Chris is now working on a PhD around leadership in complex environments.

Loretta McCudden


The biggest brands in grocery surrounded Loretta as she began amassing her ten thousand hours with global FMCG organisations. Her executive education and facilitation hours started in the UK’s leading innovation firm more than 10 years ago. She has taught and facilitated across industry and around the world and has refined acuity for reading a room.

Leigh Johnston


Leigh’s 10,000 hours were forged in talent development consulting and enterprise sales in Australia and the UK. She has advised leading public and private corporate and government clients across industries on face-to-face, blended, and e-learning solutions. A SaaS entrepreneur herself, Leigh has worked at the kitchen bench start-up end of commerce through to publicly listed, market-leading learning and development firms. Her thousands of hours at her professional craft have shown her the power of an elegant and potent learning solution to help her clients solve their hardest challenges.

Liz Gearing


Under-pinned by his Act 1 career in real estate and wealth management, Act 2 has been 20 years at the front of the room in executive education and high-stakes facilitation. Alastair is trusted across industry and around the world for a mature playful pragmatism that wrestles the tensions between deliberation and delivery. He has delivered thousands of workshops to executives of all types and is retained by discerning clients who have cannot-fail contexts and need a safe pair of hands.

Liz Gearing

LIZ GEARING Linkedin Icon

Liz has a calm knack of figuring things out. Years of practice in her own successful entrepreneurial pursuits combined with deep experience running the backbone of services firms with a passion for their customer. Her eye for detail and stamina for precision help make the ideas we design with our clients come to life in a delightfully predictable way. She runs the project support and day-to-day mechanics of everything we deliver for clients in Australia and around the world.

“Just a quick note to thank and congratulate you for another super session with our team… that was a fantastic job you did with everyone, and I am looking forward to continuing our association with you.”

Country Head, Market Leader Professional Services

“You’re right. I was apprehensive going into this. You held proceedings tightly, we covered tricky and contentious ground, and had landmark candid conversations. There is a weight off the team’s shoulders, things are moving nimbly, and the work is getting done. Thank you.”

Group Head, Global Function, Heavy Industry

“In a 20-year management career today’s workshop was the most profound I’ve ever experienced.”

Business Unit Leader, Global Pharmaceuticals

“Absolutely brilliant. Very transferable to any aspect of work or home life.”

HR Director, Professional Services

“You knocked it out of the park… again. Great two days. I think this is the first time I have followed up with a “trainer”. I’m usually happy to see the back of them!”

Sales Leader, Tech

“I’m getting great feedback on a daily basis from the team all over the world. You hit the mark. Let’s talk about next year’s summer school soon.”

Global Commercial Leader, Tech/SaaS

“That was fantastic. The session was engaging, exciting, creative and funny. I honestly don’t know how you came up with the idea – It was really clever. I got more out of this session than any other session for the day.”

HR Director, Public Sector