While Malcolm Gladwell made it famous, Anders Ericsson did the original research revealing the insight that to arrive at mastery in a cognitive rich domain requires no less than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

Roughly speaking, this is 10 years. We find that while the “10,000 hour” bit captured the public interest, it is the second research insight regarding the nature of the activity during those hours that matters more.

Ericsson called it “deliberate practice” and the rest of us might describe it as hard grind. And it is. Deliberate practice is working just beyond our existing capability. Stretching. Failing. Getting feedback regularly and then going again. It is arduous, effortful, frequently tedious and yet richly rewarding over time.

As the 10,000 hours is amassed in an individual they begin to see problems more clearly, pattern recognition goes up and they can find solutions faster.

Our team have all ground out their 10,000 hours

“You’re right. I was apprehensive going into this. You held proceedings tightly, we covered tricky and contentious ground, and had landmark candid conversations. There is a weight off the team’s shoulders, things are moving nimbly, and the work is getting done. Thank you.”

Group Head, Global Function, Heavy Industry

“Absolutely brilliant. Very transferable to any aspect of work or home life.”

HR Director, Professional Services

“Just a quick note to thank and congratulate you for another super session with our team… that was a fantastic job you did with everyone, and I am looking forward to continuing our association with you.”

Country Head, Market Leader Professional Services

“In a 20-year management career today’s workshop was the most profound I’ve ever experienced.”

Business Unit Leader, Global Pharmaceuticals

“That was fantastic. The session was engaging, exciting, creative and funny. I honestly don’t know how you came up with the idea – It was really clever. I got more out of this session than any other session for the day.”

HR Director, Public Sector

“I’m getting great feedback on a daily basis from the team all over the world. You hit the mark. Let’s talk about next year’s summer school soon.”

Global Commercial Leader, Tech/SaaS

“You knocked it out of the park… again. Great two days. I think this is the first time I have followed up with a “trainer”. I’m usually happy to see the back of them!”

Sales Leader, Tech