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    Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.TM

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    Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.TM

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    Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.TM

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    Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.TM

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    Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.TM

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    Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.TM

Daring Ideas.

Today’s world is on the one hand characterised by increasing demands on efficiency, productivity and workload, and on the other by an increasing sea of content with a decreasing signal-to-noise ratio. Where do you have time to wade through all that content to find the one new gem, whilst still meeting your workload demands?

At 10,000 Hours, we believe you have the right to ask this of your executive education and facilitation partner: we invest the time swimming in that sea of content, to carefully curate, design, invent, and deliver to you the ideas and methods that work. These are the daring ideas.

In a Safe Pair of Hands.

Our clients have high-stakes environments. Senior leaders, game-changing issues, strong personalities, and cannot fail contexts.

We bring a high-speed intuition – honed over years of experience – into the room. Everyone in our team has acquired their own ten thousand hours of deliberate practice, learning and refining their craft over thousands of repetitions.

There are no rookies here. For our clients, it affords a peace of mind when they put their people together in a room to know that proceedings are in a safe pair hands.


“Absolutely brilliant. Very transferable to any aspect of work or home life.”

HR Director, Professional Services

The 10,000 HOURS Story

Welcome to 10,000 HOURS. That’s how many hours of deliberate practice is required to achieve mastery at your craft. And 10,000 HOURS is a professional services firm helping clients with three things: high-stakes group facilitation, executive education, and content for big room events.

We were once described as “daring ideas in a safe pair of hands”. We thought that captured the essence of what we strived to present to our clients, so we trademarked the line. Everyone here has been honing their professional craft for no less than ten thousand hours. These are the safe pairs of hands to whom you can entrust your people’s needs; professionals who bring a seasoned eye, and pattern recognition. They haven’t seen it all, but they’ve seen a lot.

The daring ideas spring from the curiosity that comes with ten thousand hours of application. Our curiosity is relentless, insatiable. We are humble students of the world’s brightest minds and are

courageous inventors ourselves. We draw from broad influences to synthesise fresh ideas to provoke and agitate our client audiences into new thinking and novel behaviour.

We have capability in our firm to advise, design, teach, and coach a broad and ever-expanding library of content (below). But domain expertise – simply knowing your stuff – is not enough. Our clients need more than that. They need professionals who also understand how adults learn alone and in groups, how adults react to confusion, complexity, and the often arduous task of learning.

Whether we are facilitating your CEO’s offsite, building adaptive capacity in your senior leadership team, or teaching your senior executives new capability, they need someone who has both the domain expertise on the topic, AND the smarts for group process, complexity science, and adult learning.





Ken has clocked up ten thousand hours of professional practice more than once. After 18 years of management roles within the Royal Australian Air Force, he indulged his passion for business and successfully launched two professional services firms within the ACT. He is now the founder, chairman and managing director of Cordelta, a leading professional services firm that has been repeatedly identified as one of Australia’s best places to work.

Ken is the current Chairman of 10,000 Hours.

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Around 20 years ago, Marcus did his first hour of deliberate practice in his professional craft of executive education and group facilitation. All this time later, Marcus continues to thrive on the energy of a group in a room and has developed expertise on the development of expertise. Relentless student, energetic co-founder, and proud owner of more than a decade of entrepreneurial scar tissue.

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Chris’ first hour of deliberate practice was 20 years ago in a startup internet provider. Now here as co-founder, the intervening steps have wandered all over the corporate and academic landscape, but with one driving goal in mind: the unrelenting mastery of his craft. Insatiably curious about how people behave, work, and learn in groups, Chris is now working on a PhD around leadership in complex environments.

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The biggest brands in grocery surrounded Loretta as she began amassing her ten thousand hours with global FMCG organisations. Her executive education and facilitation hours started in the UK’s leading innovation firm more than 10 years ago. She has taught and facilitated across industry and around the world and has refined acuity for reading a room.

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Leigh’s 10,000 hours were forged in talent development consulting and enterprise sales in Australia and the UK. She has advised leading public and private corporate and government clients across industries on face-to-face, blended, and e-learning solutions. A SaaS entrepreneur herself, Leigh has worked at the kitchen bench start-up end of commerce through to publicly listed, market-leading learning and development firms. Her thousands of hours at her professional craft have shown her the power of an elegant and potent learning solution to help her clients solve their hardest challenges.

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Cathy’s eye for detail, combined with her love of logical processes, has seen her excel in project management and administrative support in almost every industry imaginable – from government to not-for-profit to finance to hospitality – in both Australia and the UK. She runs the project support for our large-scale roll-outs and day-to-day details ensuring smooth running of the whole show. Her passion for people and attention to the small things ensures the job is done right the first time.

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“In a 20-year management career today’s workshop was the most profound I’ve ever experienced.”

Business Unit Leader, Global Pharmaceuticals


10,000 Hours exists to help adults – individuals, groups, teams, and organisations – to learn. We understand that real adult learning is much more than cognitive awareness, much in the same way that understanding the importance of exercise and the mechanics of how to do a sit-up does not make you fit. Working across four broad areas of Executive Education, Group Facilitation, Advisory, and Big Room Events, our team can help your people improve their professional “fitness” in the following domains.




Future-proofing your organisation’s competitive advantage in the modern marketplace ...

Future-proofing your organisation’s competitive advantage in the modern marketplace requires a sustainable innovation and disruption strategy. But simply building staff capability in innovation tools (such as design thinking) is not sustainable if your leaders don’t know how to harness that capability, and subsequently drive a disruptive agenda through the organisation’s inertia. At best, your investment in capability is simply wasted as newly-developed employees, weighed down by resistant process and management, simply revert to previous behaviour. At worst, your newly-developed employees get disengaged and leave. To address this, 10,000 HOURS offers a challenging programme which will push your leaders outside their comfort zone and open their eyes to whole new level of leadership fitness.


Helping your leaders find new and better ways to work together ...

“How does your leadership team perform under pressure?” If that question was put to each member of the team, would the answers be consistent? And would the answer be good enough? At 10,000 Hours, we bring all our considerable experience with leadership teams at all levels – across industries and government, and around the world – to your team. We will diagnose your team’s performance level, and help build a program of interaction and challenge-mentoring to push your team towards high performance.


Unleash your capacity to innovate with out enterprise-wide tiered and scalable methodology ...

As disruption bites the enterprise, design thinking has emerged as the potent response. We teach teams at all levels and across all functions how to do it. With programs aimed at fluency, proficiency, and mastery, we embed a greater capacity for innovation in your organisation. And we seamlessly connect these new skills to your existing investment in process improvement and reengineering capability.


Helping your team engage the room and tell better stories to one of 1,000 others ...

Tell better stories. Whether one-to-one or one-to-many, storytelling is the key proficiency of the influencing craft. Graduates of these programs have rehearsed both the design and delivery sides of this craft. Grounded in our own ten thousand hours on stage as conference keynote speakers and group facilitators, we bring robust methodology and years of experience to share and install in your team.


For bright professionals working with clever clients – how to have conversations that build business ...

There is no professional qualification framework for selling, no test to pass, no knowledge to demonstrate. Only one qualification matters: did you hit your number? This program offers an intelligent, disciplined framework for sophisticated professionals who must develop business and grow revenue. A pinch of theory and a pound of practice combine in a bootcamp-style experience that eschews bullet lists of tips for the scrapes and bruises of constructive repetitions in a learning laboratory.


Building your team's capacity to be comfortable being uncomfortable and thrive in ambiguity ...

Welcome to the age of VUCA – what the US military and leading universities are using as short-hand for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The VUCA environment is now the norm: the standard operating arena in which your leaders have to excel. At 10,000 Hours, we will build in your leaders what they need to thrive in this new normal: a capability for Adaptive Leadership. Highly immersive, challenging, rigorous, and profound, these programs increase your leaders’ tolerance of flux as they learn how to drive change in complex stakeholder settings.



When you need to determine the road ahead and you know that not everyone will agree ...

Which way is North? The job of these facilitated sessions is to work out the plan for the future for a team, division, or entire enterprise. Sometimes it is an educated guess and suite of experiments, and sometimes it is a richly-specified program of activity and timelines. Often, it is a mix of both. Throw in a room of time-poor senior leaders with competing priorities and we get in the middle of all that and make it work. You might walk in foggy, vague, and misaligned about the future, but you will leave clear, purposeful, and coherent.


Building your team without any Team-Building ...

What’s really going on in this team? In these sessions, we ask and answer this confronting question. Dysfunction has a scent and everyone can smell it. Papering over the cracks with a dose of team building is not the tonic; real conversation is. We take your team safely into the hard conversations they need to have, to surface and remove conflicts and dysfunction. If your leaders need to get an important job done out there, we can facilitate you through the important job of how you work together in here.


There's no easy answer to the issues and we need to confront some inconvenient truths ...

Perhaps it is a wicked problem? Perhaps it is alternative choices wrapped in an unclear future? Perhaps your traditional franchise is being disrupted? Perhaps you’d like to do a bit of disrupting yourself? Perhaps you honestly don’t know, but need to figure it out together? Characterised by unclear, partly known, or unknown inputs, undefined or indefinite outcomes, multiple layers of interaction, and the potential to rapidly diverge from course… these are the most challenging issues organisations have to face.

The very best tool for attacking a wicked problem is the distributed intelligence of a diverse group of people, coupled with a facilitator skilled in helping a group navigate a path through ambiguity and uncertainty, and comfortable with the lack of obvious goals at the outset. Your expectations will have to be different. What we do, what you do, what they do, and what you get out of it are different. Partly or wholly unknown outcomes will emerge, and everyone will need a strong stomach for ambiguity. Success evolves on the day, rather than being clearly defined at the outset.


Achieving consensus requires a delicate dance ...

A disparate group of internal staff, or mix of internal staff with suppliers, clients, industry, or other stakeholders. How do you negotiate the balance of disparate agendas, perspectives, and needs in a room of such different stakeholders?

Achieving consensus – whether on approach, content, direction, or just a next step – requires a delicate dance amongst interests and engagement. It is also best served by a neutral party managing process and ensuring there is a shared sense equity in contribution. Your 10,000 Hours facilitator will navigate the politics in the room while stirring up the constituents to a productive level that will allow the work to be done.



Go backstage with us on everything we know ...

Go backstage with us on everything we know how to do. If you need to build internal capability to run workshops and deliver off-sites, we proudly support our client’s internal teams to know everything we know. We will show your team the tricks, the scars, the insights, and even the questions we still haven’t answered from thousands of hours at the front of the room.


We’ll get around the whiteboard with you, and sculpt a session that you will be excited and proud to deliver ...

Have your internal programs powered by 10,000 Hours with our instructional design service. We partner with you to ensure potent design, robust methodology, and coherent content for your in-house programs. We’ll get around the whiteboard with you, map out the program, remove the bits that fall flat, and sculpt a session that you will be excited and proud to deliver.


Professionals who focus full-time on parenting and part-time on professional ...

This is our carefully curated cohort of coaches who support our in-room training and workshops. They are drawn from the rich vein of talented professionals who focus full-time on their parenting roles and part-time on their professional lives. They each have their ten thousand hours of professional expertise, which they use to reinforce learning and sustain our clients’ investments in building capability.



We are the keynote speaker hired to open or close the big day ...

The punchy one-hour session to create large-scale awareness and fluency in our gallery of ideas. We are the keynote speaker hired to open or close the big day with a provocative set of ideas to reinforce your key messages and substantiate their relevance. Ambiguity & Complexity, Human-Centered Design, and Resilient Execution are our most popular sessions.


Fully immerse your crowd in a high energy, rich challenge debriefed tightly to your main messages ...

Take commercially-relevant robust academic thought, combined with fresh narrative and captivating theming, delivered by the most experienced pairs of hands with this genre of intervention, and you have a 10,000 Hours simulation. Our simulations bridge the gap between cognitive study and hands-on visceral experience – “doing” is the critical part of organisational learning.

10,000 Hours purpose-built simulations sit beautifully on their own or as part of a wider offsite agenda. They are portable and travel to you, are not dependent on the weather, require no athletic prowess or computer savvy to participate, and are immersive and engaging for anyone.

“I’ve worked with tons of facilitators. And you’re one of, if not, the best I’ve encountered.”

Functional Leader, Global Heavy Industry


There are many ways to bring people together and help them learn. Below are some of the rooms we’ve regularly worked in over many years. Talk to us about what style is best for you, your people, and the work you’re trying to do.


    Which way is North? The job of these facilitated sessions is to work out the plan for the future. Sometimes it is an educated guess and suite of experiments, and


    “Conscious competence” is the technical term, but it boils down to being able to do something. This is in contrast to just knowing about something, or


    You have a number of people in lots of locations, who can you trust? Sometimes the cohort is large, the venues scattered, and the timeline short. You want a consistent,


    These specially-designed pieces help bring learning to life in an engaging and immersive way. Artfully used by leaders looking to give a parallel experience of a wider


    A live practice environment working on real business challenges. Design labs immerse your team in our content and your context, cementing your investment in developing


    A powerful opening or memorable close, spiking audience energy and provoking thought at your conference or gala event: this is 10,000 Hours keynote speaking. We have


    A one-to-one service for any of our skills development capabilities. It might be dress rehearsing a CFO for her results presentation announcement. Or perhaps sitting


    Lanyards on, phones off, lights down, curtains up. Welcome to Conference! In these rooms, we are your master of ceremonies. Managing the flow of your day is only the

“This wasn’t a session, it was a performance! Just superb.”

HR Director, Utilities


The client cards in our Rolodex come from senior leadership teams across industry and the public sector. While their contexts vary widely – from the hyper-growth tech company to the 150-year-old college or school – in common they are individuals who have responsibility for the performance of a group of people. It might be their own leadership team, those of a business partner or internal stakeholder, or indeed the entire enterprise. Some frequent examples appear below.


  • CEO / SLT

    You are bringing your leaders together to solve the most important issues in the organisation. The room is packed with big personalities, bright minds, and complex

  • HRD

    Developing talent has never had a higher profile than it does now. Your challenge is finding a firm who has deep expertise in working with rooms of time-poor senior

  • CXO

    You own a business line or function and have much to get done. When you take the team out of the organisation for executive development or business planning, you cannot


    You own the number. And you own the team charged with delivering it. You love the craft of professional selling and want a provider who shares your passion for helping


    You got handed the job of putting together the conference. It has so many moving parts you need someone who can help you shape the agenda and deliver it on the day.

  • PCO

    Your client has entrusted you with a giant responsibility to deliver their event. The internal speakers are organised (although you’re still waiting on their


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  • financial-services-sector
  • heavy-industry-sector
  • tech-sector
  • public-sector
  • professional-services-sector
  • medical-sector
  • fmcg-sector



“Just a quick note to thank and congratulate you for another super session with our team… that was a fantastic job you did with everyone, and I am looking forward to continuing our association with you.”
Country Head, Market Leader Professional Services


“That was fantastic. The session was engaging, exciting, creative and funny. I honestly don’t know how you came up with the idea – It was really clever. I got more out of this session than any other session for the day.”
HR Director, Public Sector


“You knocked it out of the park… again. Great two days. I think this is the first time I have followed up with a “trainer”. I’m usually happy to see the back of them!”
Sales Leader, Tech


“You’re right. I was apprehensive going into this. You held proceedings tightly, we covered tricky and contentious ground, and had landmark candid conversations. There is a weight off the team’s shoulders, things are moving nimbly, and the work is getting done. Thank you.”
Group Head, Global Function, Heavy Industry.


“I’m getting great feedback on a daily basis from the team all over the world. You hit the mark. Let’s talk about next year’s summer school soon.”
Global Commercial Leader, Tech/SaaS

Daring Ideas in a Safe Pair of Hands

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